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A Short Note on Moon Phases

Search the skies, even if you don’t believe in magic

Cat Baklarz
Jun 29, 2021


Mark Tegethoff on Unsplash

There’s something about gazing up at the heavens that makes us feel incredibly unimportant, and that unimportance is liberating. I’m easily distracted. The moon reminds me how much time has passed between events that seemed HUGE last month, but now fizzle away like grains of sand.

The moon also shows us what we should be working on — it’s a no-brainer guide on ‘How to Be a Better Human.’

Is the moon growing daily? Make some plans. Hit the town. Thrive.
Full Moon? Act. Cut bangs, text your crush. We’re all going to die anyway.
Is the moon waning? Time to gain stability. Like, actually sleep for once.
And when the moon is nowhere to be found, know it’s okay to rest.

Moon, or no moon — you got this.



Cat Baklarz

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